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I just read through the instructions for the new I-9 and saw that fields for an email address and phone number have been added to section one. According to the instructions, the fields are optional. However, the fact that entering this information is optional is not noted on the actual I-9 form. The fields on the I-9 should read: E-mail Address (optional) Telephone Number (optional). I can see where a lot of people will ask if they HAVE to enter an email address.


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  1. Good idea, but this was suggested during the "Open Suggestion" period and was obviously not listened to. Also, MANY people suggested to be more cost effective and environment conscious about taking an additional page by using smarter page layout. IT IS sad that our suggestions do not count. Think of the billions of pages wasted daily because of poor design. Also, more pages to scan for electronic storage. Why waste our time during open comment period? We tried.

    2 years ago
  2. If its optional for you to enter an email address and phone number on the new form 1-9 form we should do it this could as a form of contact if a mistake was made on the form

    2 years ago
  3. That's why you hand them the explains what is and isn't optional. However, not many people take the time to read 9 pages of instructions and information.

    1 year ago

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