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Something like SSA

Can you allow us to submit daily files of employee data to be submitted? Then a return file can be downloaded from the site giving the comformation numbers. Putting the employees in one by one is very time comsuming. The SSA site allows us to do this and takes us a lot less time to verify all of our new employee ss#'s.


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  1. Perhaps this could be an option for those who prefer it for those who hire mass amounts of folks all at once??

    2 years ago
  2. I would personally prefer doing e-Verify one by one rather than doing like a bunch of 50 employees at the same time. Checking confirmation numbers (summary type) can be done at the end of the day by viewing closed cases and leaving the SSN blank. This will give you all employees e-Verified filtered by dates from and to. Doing a bunch of e-Verify with different categories, such as Status and documents submitted can't be on one page like you do on SSN verification.

    2 years ago
  3. Allow companies to upload an excell sheet with the data for each employee's I-9 information to be checked. This would be similar to the SSA layout but using an excel sheet instead of just 5 at a time.

    My company hires quite a few new hires each week and E-verifying all of them would take a team of people. Being able to upload a file of new hires a day would save us massive amounts of time.

    1 year ago
  4. E-Verify is not designed for batch processing. However, many electronic Form I-9 and E-Verify systems from employer agents can simulate batch processing and/or eliminate all the extra keying. One of the issues with batch processing is that E-Verify would not know who actually entered the data. A file would be uploaded by a valid E-Verify user, but that user may not have entered the data into the file. The data may have been entered by a variety of individuals who may or may not be E-Verify users. E-Verify has not way of knowing who entered the data. This is just one of many problems with batch processing of E-Verify cases.

    10 months ago

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