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The number one complaint I hear from employers who attempt to enroll in E-Verify is how burdensome and time-consumiing the process is. The user manual is 85 plus pages, and takes some employers hours to get through. The manual should be edited and condensed. I've noted that there is an E-Verify users guide on-line, published by USCIS, that is 20 pages. I don't know if the guide contains all the info needed to understand the system and pass the tutorial, but 20 pages is a more reasonable task than 85 pages.


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  1. I have to agree, but also know that the "huge" manual is for the company/employer, and the smaller one is a guide.

    2 years ago
  2. The manual(s) are long, but that is by necessity. Much of the information in the E-Verify manuals is to cover the administration of the E-Verify system using the website and is not material to the usage of the system to process a case. Perhaps separate manuals covering a) case processing and b) administration would address this issue.

    10 months ago

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