Form I-9

Bad Form

I am a big fan of E-Verify. But, whoever designed the new Form I-9 (OMB No. 1615-0047) obviously never had to complete the E-Verify form on-line. Having done so for thousands of employees, I was dismayed to discover that the new I-9 consists of 2 pages with essential information on each side. Come-on guys! The least you could have done was put all the information required for E-Verify on one side with the fields in the same order as they are on-line. Also, because the SSN is the key to the whole thing, why not make the space for it a little larger, so employees don’t have to cram it in the space provided and the person doing the data entry doesn’t go cross-eyed trying to read it. Use of E-Verify is required in Arizona, but only 47% of businesses comply. The new I-9 isn’t going to help. I hope we don’t have to wait until its expiration date in 2016 for a replacement.



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