Form I-9

J1 Students No Social Security Number when filling out I-9

I am to understand E-Verify checks the Social Security System to make sure the Social Security Card is a match to the person on the I-9. If the system checks the Social Security System to make sure the information matches. Why can’t we put a person in the E-verify without a Social Security Number?

(1) Have a place where they can put the date and place they applied for the Social Security Card.

(2) If the system confirms the information, you know the person has applied for a Social Security Card. If it doesn’t confirm, you know the J1 student hasn’t applied yet and needs to apply.

(3) I-9 goes into a hold until the card is issued.

(4) Once the Social Security Card is issued the I-9 goes into the issued area where the Social Security Number appears on the original form and you close it out.

(5) This will help the employer with J1 students never handing in their Social Security Card.

(6) This will also stop a lot of business from having to track down the Social Security Cards from J1 Students.



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