Form I-9

Section 3 - Re-hires

Can we please have section 3 expanded for several re-hire (as a second page to the I-9?

We have called several times and received different answers to the same question. We are a temporary Job Placement agency, we send an employee to work for 2 weeks we e-verify, then he has a break for 2 days. He then returns to work on assignment for 1 week - we fill in section 3 as a rehire. (Per direction from the help desk-we recorded the direction given.) If the employee has a break in employment for 1 day we were told we have to do section 3 every time. If this is true - then can section 3 be expanded to have multiple re-hire entries as we have to attach multiple i9s to employees as we re-hire many times through out the year.



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