Submissions should be checked as of the I-9 completion date

When an employee is waiting for an SSN (which can take a month or more), but their project ends and/or they leave the country, the e-verify check can only be run when the SSN is received. This is fine. However, the e-verify check results should be reckoned as the status was on the date the I-9 form was completed and not the day the SSN was received. If an employee's project lasts for less than a month and they leave the US, by the time the e-verify check can be run, the employee's I-94 will already be expired and the case will go unnecessarily to TNC. The only option in that case is to close the case as invalid, which makes it seem like the employee was never authorized to work (which he was, for that month only). this improper reckoning of status is leading to incorrect TNC results and inaccurate records. This should be corrected by checking the I-9 form data against the data as it was at the time the I-9 was completed, not at the time the SSN was received.



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