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Tutorial - Giving Users a one-time skip

For mandatory tutorials for updates only, it would be useful to have a one-time skip option for users.


I understand that USCIS/DHS need to roll out updates on weekends for time to test and verify that the update went through during low/slow volume periods. However, Monday is an almost universal start date for most new hires. Having to take the tutorial before you can move to processing is a burden to large employers who onboard 25-30 people on Mondays.


Since USCIS/DHS cannot change the roll out date from Monday, please consider allowing users to skip the mandatory update tutorial one time so that they can process their regular Monday items and come back to the tutorial before the following Monday. I would suggest even adding an email to the user and the administrator and even a reminder email to both.


At large companies, E-verify is not done as a stand-alone item. When onboarding an employee to a large company, there are multiple steps and processes that need to be done in a particular order so that the process goes smoothly, all items are completed and completed correctly. We have a system of checks and balances to our onboarding process and when our users have to deviate from that process in order to take this tutorial (no matter how short or long it is), it throws the entire process for the day out of sync and the likelihood of errors increases.



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