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Case Management

Ease of data entry trending idea

Most people write dates on the I9 numerically, but e-Verify requires that a month is entered alpha ("Nov" instead of "11"). And, once a field is "full" (such as a Social Secuity number, the cursor should advance to the next field automatically rather than requiring a TAB. And when a driver's license is submitted, the user must select the state from a list. The process would be much faster if the user could enter the... more »


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E-Verify Website

Enter Form I-9 Information

When in the "Enter Form I-9 Information" section of the E-Verify process, it would be SO HELPFUL if the Date of Birth, Document Expiration Date and the Hire Date were in mm/dd/yyyy format, as it is on the I9 form. It is easier than converting the numbers from the I9 for the month, to the actual word for that month. Seems simple, but it would be amazing if you could change that!


Thank you!




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Form I-9

Make form I-9 an online form

Let's make Form I-9 an online form (Section 1, at least). When matched with E-Verify, the paper form seems redundant and inefficient.

There's too much data entry. The employee has to fill out the form, and the employer has to reenter the information into E-Verify. Let's cut out the middle man.

Here's what I suggest:

Make Section 1 available online.

1. The employer gives the employee a link to the form, and s/he fills... more »


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