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mismatched names

DHS and SSA should ask employers to post a sign in theirs office that states that the names on their SS card should be the same as the names they put on the form I-9. When jobs hunters fill out their form I-9 for employment, this would save time for both parties and avoid letters bean sent to either parties about mismatch names.


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E-Verify Website

Remove Username from Letters

The TNC letter and the Referral Letter both pre-populate the user's name and, on the Referral Letter, the user's phone number. As we are an Employer Agent who does not interact with the new hire re these letters, we must remove our user's info first before providing the letter to our client, the employer.


The requires valuable time and should be removed.


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Form I-9

I-9 Form

Under Section 2 on the I-9 there is a space under where you fill in the List B and List C documents. I think that you could have a name listed on the documents field under each document with a reminder that if the social security card is in a different name that what is listed on Section 1 of the I-9 Form that this may result in an SSA TENTATIVE NONCONFIRMATION. I feel this would help them focus on the names and reduce... more »


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Case Management

Display Social Security Numbers on reports

When we first started E-Verify, the reports would output the social security number. This was very helpful for checking that we have E-Verified all required employees. Now it only displays the last 4 digits so I have a manual process to see if my employees have been done because many people have the same last 4 digits. I cannot use name as people change their names often. Also, E-Verify does not verify that names are... more »


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