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Form I-9

Make form I-9 an online form

Let's make Form I-9 an online form (Section 1, at least). When matched with E-Verify, the paper form seems redundant and inefficient.

There's too much data entry. The employee has to fill out the form, and the employer has to reenter the information into E-Verify. Let's cut out the middle man.

Here's what I suggest:

Make Section 1 available online.

1. The employer gives the employee a link to the form, and s/he fills... more »


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Use myE-Verify information for employee notifications

If the employee's email address is not entered in Section 1 of Form I-9 and/or the employee has a myE-Verify account, use the employee's email and mobile telephone number in myE-Verify to notify the employee of changes in their E-Verify case such as a case created, employment authorized, TNC, referral, FNC, FNC review, and changing a TNC to employment authorized. This notification would also have the added benefit of... more »


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Mobile Use

I have a mobile app for android is it worth it

I have a mobile android app that provides most of the functionality of the current Internet site, you can login, get notifications, submit verifications, verify someone for work remotely from your android phone. I need to know if others are interested in this app, if so I can deploy it to the Android Play Store.


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