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E-Verify Website

Case Details should print on 1 page, not 2 trending idea

After closing a case, the Case Details page that prints says "Page 1 of 1", but prints on 2 pages. Printing one extra page for each E-Verify case quickly increases printing costs. Please reorganize the Case Details page to print to a smaller area, or remove the blank information fields.


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Case Management

Display Social Security Numbers on reports

When we first started E-Verify, the reports would output the social security number. This was very helpful for checking that we have E-Verified all required employees. Now it only displays the last 4 digits so I have a manual process to see if my employees have been done because many people have the same last 4 digits. I cannot use name as people change their names often. Also, E-Verify does not verify that names are... more »


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E-Verify Website

E-Verify Report Detail in Manual

There should either be a section in the E-Verify User Manual or a separate Reports Manual that details the contents of each report (report layout with field names and field attributes), the purpose for each report, how to use each report, how to the information in each report to an employer system (e.g., when a 9-digit SSN is not provided), the minimum/maximum size of each report, explain all limitations of each report,... more »


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Confirm Enrolled Employer Actually Uses E-Verify

The public USCIS E-Verify pages provide a report of employers using E-Verify. However, this report only shows that the employer is enrolled in E-Verify. It does not confirm that the employer actually uses E-Verify. There is also no way for a third-party such as a state to confirm the employer's E-Verify Company ID.
It would be most helpful to include the employer's Company ID as well as the number of cases processed in... more »


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