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Form I-9

I-9 Form

Under Section 2 on the I-9 there is a space under where you fill in the List B and List C documents. I think that you could have a name listed on the documents field under each document with a reminder that if the social security card is in a different name that what is listed on Section 1 of the I-9 Form that this may result in an SSA TENTATIVE NONCONFIRMATION. I feel this would help them focus on the names and reduce... more »


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Case Management

Display Social Security Numbers on reports

When we first started E-Verify, the reports would output the social security number. This was very helpful for checking that we have E-Verified all required employees. Now it only displays the last 4 digits so I have a manual process to see if my employees have been done because many people have the same last 4 digits. I cannot use name as people change their names often. Also, E-Verify does not verify that names are... more »


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SSA database updates

Bit of a timing issue with foreigners who were previously in the US and then come back who already have SSNs. The SSA says wait ten days before applying on SS-5 for an update to the SSN record because it takes them that long to get the information from DHS. However the employee can file the SS-5 then go to the employer who has to run E-verify on them (might even be the same day). There is a field for "doesn't have... more »


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