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E-Verify Website

Remove Username from Letters

The TNC letter and the Referral Letter both pre-populate the user's name and, on the Referral Letter, the user's phone number. As we are an Employer Agent who does not interact with the new hire re these letters, we must remove our user's info first before providing the letter to our client, the employer.


The requires valuable time and should be removed.


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Enrollment and Getting Started

Additional User Roles

Being in the retail field, our company structure is such that there are district and regional personnel that need to have access to multiple hiring locations. Currently this requires multiple Program Administrator accounts to be set up and tutorials waived. Not only is the process cumbersome, but it requires the personnel to keep track of user credentials for multiple accounts.There should be a level between "Corporate... more »


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Web Services

E-Verify User Audit Report

For employer agents using web services, the "User Audit Report" cannot be run per company. The "User Audit Report" has more details/fields in the output than the "Quick Audit Report". Additionally, during a recent audit, the Notice of Inspection specifically requested the E-Verify "User Audit Report". This request is to run the User Audit Report by company for Employer Agents Using Web Services.


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