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Form I-9

I-9 Form

Since the Social Security Administration records (i.e. Social Security Number) is a part of the eVerify system, I suggest that the "expiration" line on List C be used to enter the name as it is on the SSCard. This will encourage employers to enter employees under the name on record with SSA. This will also reduce the number of no match letters that are issued to payroll departments.


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Case Management

Employee Email Option

Why is it that when the employee submits their email address, the employer is no longer sent TNC notifications? The employer has always received notifications, and should, being that they are responsible for E-Verify compliance and the compliance of their workforce. After all, this is their employee.


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E-Verify Website

Case Closure Options: "Federal Contractor" missing after update

We are an Employer Agent.


Since the last site update...


On closing a case for a federal contractor that is past the three-day limit (as is always the case for an existing employee), the option "federal contractor verifying an existing employee" is no longer in the dropdown list of options.


We are currently closing fed contractor cases with "Other".


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