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Verifying usage by current e-verify users.

I have downloaded a list of employers from my state (Rhode Island) that have signed on to use E-Verify. How can I know if they are actually using the system, or if this is just a ruse to make people believe they are using it? Perhaps you could expand these lists to include the number of employees entered for verification and the number accepted or rejected. I'm cynical and have every right to be!


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E-Verify FAQ Bread Crumb Work Like Browser Back Button

Clicking the Frequently Asked Questions 'bread crumb' displayed at the top of an E-Verify FAQ page such as:

"Home > Frequently Asked Questions > E-Verify: Before You Enroll", the user is taken to the generic USCIS FAQ page at:


instead of back to the main E-Verify FAQ page. This makes it cumbersome for a user to navigate between the various E-Verify FAQ pages. The 'bread crumb' link should... more »


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