Form I-9

Lawful Permanent Resident

The I-9 Form should be revised to permit an employee and the employer to write not only the Employee's Permanent Resident number, but the card number (from the back of the card), as well. E-Verify cannot be run without both numbers.

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E-Verify Training and Guidance

Employers copy & retain both sides of photo match documents

When an employee presents a photo match document for Section 2 the employer must be instructed to copy both sides of the document and retain them with Form I-9. This is especially important when the employer uses an agent to process E-Verify cases. For example, without copying both sides of the I-551 the agent will not have access to the document number that is required to create a case for the employee in E-Verify.

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Requested a photo of my green card from employer based in india

I got hired to a new job, but a 3rd party ( employment agency) taking care of my paperwork and I-9. I filled out the I-9 form, but they requested a picture of my permanent resident card front and back. I should send it to them through email. Is that legal? Last time I checked, it was an HR compliance to keep a copy of personal documents such as DL, passport, Social Security Card etc... They working out from India with ...more »

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