Expand self-verify to Canada and Mexico

Many people who work in the US commute from Canada and Mexico, they should be able to use self verify to check their employment status as well. I have found that it is possible for cross border commuters who have a US credit card with a US mailing address on it to use self verify while in the US as self verify uses Equifax. Equifax operates in Canada so it wouldn't be terribly difficult to do.

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Self Check E-Verify

Job applicants AFTER accepting a job offer from an employer should be able to conduct a Self Check E-Verify at the hiring site in private with notification of authorized employment to employer. Since the process emulates the Form I-9/E-verify process there can be no discrimination issues and could replace the entire Form I-9 process saving great expense and time for employer while protecting the employee and employer ...more »

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Accessing Self Check from myE-Verify

When accessing Self Check from myE-Verify the user has no button to return to myE-Verify. This may be because myE-Verify is only linking to Self Check. However, this is an unacceptable user interface and should be addressed by providing a return or cancel button on the Self Check menu when Self Check is accessed from myE-Verify.

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Verification process stated mortgage but I have none

Verification process stated mortgage but I have none, so I'm wondering if that's a trick question or should I be concerned and check the other credit bureaus as the question stated that I had a mortgage

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